Program Overview

Watch our promotional video to find out why “Who Do You Tell?”™ is on the RAND Corporation’s Promising Practices Network.

Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse presents “Who Do You Tell?”™ a ground-breaking approach to sexual abuse education designed for elementary school children, parents, teachers and communities. The “Who Do You Tell?”™ Educational Program offers the facts about sexual abuse and empowers communities to speak openly about the issue.

Described by program deliverers as “fun and interactive for children” “Who Do You Tell?”™ was developed around the principle that education, not fear, is the best tool for communities to combat childhood sexual abuse.

We at CCASA do not believe that children are responsible for preventing or stopping sexual abuse — the decision to abuse begins and ends with the perpetrator — but, like other safety education courses, “Who Do You Tell?”™ empowers children to act in response to sexual abuse issues.

Until now, the “Who Do You Tell?”™ program was only available in select areas of Alberta, but CCASA has made this program available for licensing and delivery. Now qualified organizations from across North America will be able to join the “Who Do You Tell?”™ community.


How is the Program delivered?

The program is designed for children from kindergarten to grade 6, with three different versions tailored to reflect the developmental level of the children being taught. It is delivered to the children in two 45-minute sessions on separate days, in order to enhance retention by the students. Typically, “Who Do You Tell?”™ is taught in a classroom setting, but can easily be adapted to other child-oriented settings (community centres, boys and girls clubs, etc.)

Also included in the program is a one-hour session with teachers outlining what will be taught, how to recognize sexual abuse in children and how to respond to disclosures, and a parent night which prepares them for their children’s participation in the program and provides them with information about child sexual abuse and responding to disclosures.

What is the cost?

The cost of “Who Do You Tell?”™ varies dependant on the licensing options chosen by the purchaser.

How do I find out more about “Who Do You Tell?”™?


Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse
Phone: 403.237.6905 ext 243
Email: wdyt [at] calgarycasa [dot] com